Armed with the existing production facilities (metal production hall, equipped to European standards: lathe, drilling and threading, milling, apcant, hydraulic guillotine cutting board, calendar for verolat pipe, welding, flexuri, polishers) execute a series of very large metal fabrication, custom, after their own projects or beneficiaries.

Maximum efficiency of the garment and construction based on steel structures allow maximum economy of material and labor efficiency and frees time required assembly and metal construction.

Due to the advantages they present, metallic elements can be used to achieve the various metal structures.

Made to order any metal building regardless of its destination.

• Resistance structures – domes of fuel stations – PIPERA, DOMNESTI – AG

• Industrial buildings – SC SERVER COM

• Auto and pedestrian gates

• Fence panels

• Glass gratings

• Balcony railings

• Interior and exterior stairs

• Artistic covers

• Furniture Supplies

• Personalized decorations

• Heavy clothing